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About Us

About Us

Technology Shepherds has over 40 years of experience in applications, networks, and solving business needs using technology. We have specialists in design, application development, back-end infrastructure deployment, websites, and IT support.

Our Advantages

We provide quality solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.  We listen to you, understand the issues, and apply our experience to meet your challenges.Our staff are knowledgeable, responsive, and committed to helping our clients. 

Our Mission

To identify, implement, and support the right technology for our clients.  We focus on process improvements and cost reductions.


Founder / CEO

Daniel is an expert in the technology field with over 40 years experience.  Daniel manages our design and system integration projects and works with each client to establish roadmaps to meet their needs.


Accountant / Financial Advisor

Allysia is an independent accountant who has been working with Technology Shepherds since its inception in 2014.  She is the Co-Owner of Best Financial, LLC, a company she created to help businesses that are too small to justify a full-time accountant, with their accounting needs.


Web Administrator / Website Developer and Designer

Thomas has been developing, designing, and managing websites for clients for the past 3 years.  He has experience with Wordpress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and many other tools that ensure that every website meets the needs of the client it was created for.


Graphics Designer / Website Designer

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphics Design and adds a creative touch to web design, logo creation, marketing pieces, and much more.  Having a professional designer helps bring vision and function together.